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Our Katol Story

All-natural Katol Cones is an offshoot of BODYFOOD All-Natural, a Filipino brand that uses only organic materials to create premium home, bath and body products aimed to nourish, heal, and protect their users. 

The common mosquito coil contains ingredients that are considered to pose a health risk among those exposed to its smoke. Consistent with the desire to provide healthier alternatives to commercial goods,  Bodyfood reinvented the katol by combining with elemi some herbs known to repel mosquitoes and molding them into a shape that ensures a good, consistent burn. 

These cones have been able to ward off mosquitoes effectively while eliminating the worry of inhaling toxic substances and allowing users to enjoy a more natural scent.  

The katol cones’ current customer base includes mothers, entrepreneurs, restaurant and resort owners, and even artists who have made it part of their creations.

In the years to come, we hope to grow this community of katol users who understand that the best solutions are those that naturally come from the earth.

Our Product

Each katol cone is handmade and contains citronella, elemi, neem, and madre de cacao, which all have mosquito-repelling properties. We process these raw materials and add recycled, untreated wood shavings, giving the katol a scent similar to burning incense or smudge sticks, with citronella and elemi as the more prominent aroma. These cones are 100% chemical-free.

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