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Our small bag of handmade mosquito incense cones is our introductory size for those who are looking for an effective but all-natural way of repelling mosquitoes while outdoors or in open spaces. 



2 hours if lit continuously and can keep mosquitoes away about 2-3 hours after that.



Our all-natural katol is made with local raw materials (citronella, neem, kakawate, elemi).



Citronella and Elemi. It may rekindle some memories of the Phil. province where people would burn a pile of leaves ("siga") under fruiting trees or it may remind you of smudge sticks too.


Use outdoors in the area and space you occupy , or indoors with windows open and where ventilation is good to allow smoke to escape.



Safe to have in spaces where pets, plants and children might be as long as they do not touch it and there is good ventilation for the smoke.

Katol Cones (15 pcs)

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